Meet The Team

Jeffrey Augustine

Executive Vice President & General Manager, USA Precast Concrete, Limited

Graduate: Jackson High School Massillon, Ohio 1981

University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, BSME Degree 1986

Residence: Northeast Ohio, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee

Jeff has been involved in the precast concrete industry for over 25 years. Jeff started his career while completing his Mechanical Engineering degree at The University of Akron. Although his initial career was in an unrelated field, his ability to solve problems in a unique manner made him successful immediately and won him a nationally recognized award at an early age. In 1991 his focus turned to precast concrete where he began as a Project Manager. Believing in the hands-on approach, working in the plant was something he enjoyed and it helped him learn the industry from the ground up. From Project Manager, to Sales, to General Manager and Operations Manager Jeff has covered all facets of the industry, building relationships and providing solutions that resulted in growth and value to business partners throughout his career. Jeff has managed various plants in several states, and has managed multiple plants at the same time. He has worked for small family businesses and large corporations, excelling in both environments and managing up to 60 employees.

Jeff was involved in the process of obtaining Underwriters Laboratories labels (UL) for several products in the high strength fiber reinforced precast concrete product lines. As an inventor on a US Patent, his creativity and unique problem solving abilities are apparent. Jeff has provided solutions that include precast concrete bank vault panels and vault doors, precast products for all major utilities, underground retention systems, proprietary shielding products, and large barrier walls for the protection of electrical transformers. With his background in engineering, understanding of many processes, and knowledge of the manufacturing environment, Jeff has routinely developed products in a unique fashion that result in exceptional quality and favorable pricing to the business partner.

Jeff joined USA Precast Concrete as an equity partner in March of 2016. Jeff is a member of (American Society for Testing and Materials) ASTM and was a past Secretary of ASTM C-27 Committee. Jeff has been involved with the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) where he has participated on many committees.

Timothy Gesaman

President and Majority Owner, USA Precast Concrete, Limited

Graduate: Northwest High School Canal Fulton, Ohio 1964

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, BBA Degree 1968

Military Service: United States Air Force – Logistics and Transportation Management

Residence: Lifelong Northeast Ohio

Tim has been involved in the precast concrete industry for over 50 years. He began his career while he was a student at Kent State University to help support himself while finishing college. Upon his return from a four-year term in the military, he continued his career in the precast industry by learning and succeeding in all phases of the business. His accomplishments include growing and managing a company from one facility with 14 employees, to a national company that had multiple plants in four states with over 400 employees. His experiences and accomplishments cover all phases and product lines in the precast industry. His business partnerships in the industry include working with small family businesses up to and including Fortune 100 companies.

In 1971 Tim joined the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) and served in many leadership capacities, including Chairman of Manhole, Septic Tank, Production and Distribution Committees. Tim also served as Vice Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee and as member on the Board of Directors for the NPCA. Through his direction and leadership, the NPCA Plant Certification Program was implemented. He also assisted in writing the Quality Control Manual for The Precast Concrete Industry. In 1999 Tim was elected as Chairman of the Board of the NPCA. Tim has also been a member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and was a member of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Advisory Committee on Concrete Security Products. In 2001 Tim was awarded the prestigious Yoakum Award for his significant contributions to the precast concrete industry.

On-Site Ready Mix was established in 2009. After retiring from the precast concrete industry in 2013, Tim formed USA Precast Concrete, Limited in 2016. He is the majority owner and sole investor, and serves as the President and CEO. Outside of the precast industry, Tim serves on a number of civic organizations and boards, and is active in his local church. He has been awarded numerous honors for his leadership contributions to the various organizations he serves.



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